Dancing Warrior Acro

AcroYoga – 4 Step

4 Step is an elementary AcroYoga washing machine fun and free for all. Machine performed by Kellee and Jameson. Work the progressions in the sequence to effectively fly or base anyone!



1) star

2) tuck-sit

3) shin2foot

4) back plank


1) bird play

2) shin2foot kneeling (flyer) and presses (base) and together

3) tuck-sit ROM (flyer), bases strong arms no elbows

4) star ROM (flyer) and single leg presses (base)

5) back walkovers


1) Steps 1 – 2 : Jump in star -> reverse mono shin2foot -> mono straddle thrown -> exit

2) Steps 3 – 4 : Tuck-sit -> mono straddle thrown -> mono back plank -> star


Complete all 4 steps and continue on second side.…

Slackline Yoga Demo

What is Slackline Yoga? It is the art of taking your yoga practice off the mat and placing it on a 1″ line of webbing. Finding stillness through instability. Learning how to soften and control reactions from the chaos under and around you.

A slackline is a reflection of our inner qualities.…

Just in time to witness a beautiful sunset over Millerton Lake

Adventure Horizon

Adventure Horizon was a solo 24 hour endurance challenge consisting of multiple stages. It was self-supported and self-propelled departing from and ending at my home in Clovis, Ca. It consisted of 7 stages including biking, hiking, climbing, rowing, and running. I arrived home safely with a smile on my face, and many lessons learned.…

tadasana header

Yoga Evolution

Yoga…. I love Yoga! Yoga has crept in and taken over my life. It saved my life years ago. And it continues to be my lifeline through the thick and thin. When I’m at my best, I owe it to the practice of yoga. And when I feel myself at my worst, I can come back to the mat to find grounding.…


One Mile Time Trial

Hello Friends, in preparation for taking adventuring to another level, it is good to set baseline data as a reference for growth. One great metric on speed and progress is the mile time trial (TT). It is also nice to record your heart rate (HR) if possible. Here is a quick and dirty how to on running a mile TT.…


Bend AR – 30 Hour Adventure Race

Hello friends! Have you ever stumbled upon something that felt so right? That when you found it suddenly you knew that everything you’d been doing had been leading to this? Well I just found it! It’s my new favorite activity called adventure racing. I feel like all the endurance/training/lifestyle fun over the past years have been preparation for this.…



YogaSlackers are coming up with crazy ideas all the time. So when an 8 hour challenge for the most feet walked on a slackline came down the pipe, it wasn’t surprising. No, it was inspiring, motivating, thrilling, exhilarating, and painful. To make a long story short, in 8 hours I walked 2.2 miles on a slackline.…